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We provide a Wide Range of Consulting services for: *Homeowner Associations
*golf courses
*Any facility with Landscaping

We manage over 1.2 billion gallons of irrigation water – just in Arizona.  In 2023, we saved our clients 292,925,500 gallons of water. 

That is enough water to supply 8,000 homes water for one year.

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OUr services

Water Budgets

Determining a water budget is our first step to conserving water.  Our budget is based upon “ET” – no not the alien, but Evapotranspiration.  We can determine exactly how much water is needed.  


Our audits include inspections of the controllers, water meters, backflow valves, station valves, sprinkler heads, drip lines, and all plant materials.  Every audit comes with a water management plan and recommendations for improving the system and lowering water usage.  

Technical Services

We install and program “Smart” cloud based irrigation controllers for golf courses, and common area landscapes. We also install other technical equipment used in advanced irrigation systems.  

Management Services

Our water management services includes programming and oversight of the irrigation system.  It can also include oversight of the maintenance and irrigation repairs.  

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Case Study

HOA in Scottsdale, AZ

We saved an HOA in Scottsdale, AZ  $760K on irrigation equipment upgrades in 2019. Aqua Trac does not sell any equipment nor are we associated with any irrigation distributor or manufacturer.   We always help our clients receive the lowest cost by having them purchase equipment directly from the distributor at a discounted rate that we negotiate for them.  Besides the savings on equipment, we lowered their water usage and costs considerably.  

"Unless you're willing to inspect your irrigation system daily - don't expect it to run efficiently"... Jim Kauth

We collaborate our services with in house maintenance crews, landscape contractors and golf course superintendents

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Result Based

Every recommendation we give comes with an estimate of when you will see a return on your investment. We are the only company that pays their own fees by generating savings.

Diverse Approach

Our approach to every facility is to first conduct a comprehensive audit of the irrigation system and landscape.

Professional Team

Our team includes Certified Water Managers, Certified Irrigation Auditors, Certified Backflow Testers, and Certified Arborists,

Expert Advice

We provide a safe horbor for Board Members and Facility Managers, because of our expert advice regarding irrigation systems and landscaping.

We provide free training for irrigation technicians

Our secret to lower water usage is raising the efficiency of the irrigation system. We offer free training to the employees of companies we partner with.

Our training in electrical troubleshooting provide irrigation technicians the knowledge and tools they need to excel.   

Jim Kauth

Controller Installations

In the last year, we installed more "Smart" Cloud Based Irrigation Controllers for Homeowner Associations, Golf Courses, and Municipalities then anyone in the industry.


We recently audited three Homeowner Associations in Scottsdale, AZ. The audit costs were paid for by the savings generated from the audit. Our audits include station maps, controller inspections, station inspections, water meter inspections, an "ET" based water budget, water management plan, ADWR water conservation plan, recommendations for system improvements. And yes, we do "catch can" tests also.

Landscape Management

We oversee the installation of irrigation and landscape improvement projects in Arizona. We are currently partnering with Gothic Landscape to convert 12 neighborhoods in Surprise Arizona from Poly to PVC drip irrigation.

Our Company

Aqua Trac was founded by Jim and Julie Kauth in 2007.  In July 2007, Jim was working on an irrigation system when he had an Epiphany.  He knew immediately his future was in water conservation. This led to the development of the Aqua Trac System for irrigation management that has conserved over 1 billion gallons of water. 

Please contact us to learn more about our services and to get a list of references.  623-594-8689

General Questions

Jim Kauth, Founder, is a Certified Landscape Water Manager and a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.  There are only 5 people in Arizona who are Certified Landscape Water Managers and only 95 in the United States.  Jim is also a Licensed Irrigation Contractor in Arizona and an advanced graduate of the SMARTSCAPE training program for professionals in the landscape industry.  

Josh Dorris , Director of Operations, has completed the Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Certified Backflow Tester, Certified Controller Troubleshooter, SMARTSCAPE Professional Training Program, Rainbird’s Irrigation Training Camp, and numerous Irrigation Association classes.  Josh is the former regional director of irrigation for the largest landscape company in the U.S.  He was also a landscape contractor in Arizona.  He manages several hundred irrigation systems while overseeing the daily inspections being carried out by field inspectors.

Warren Tilling, Senior Irrigation Inspector, has many years in the landscape and irrigation industry.  He came to the U. S. from England and met Jim and Julie and became an apprentice in their landscape company.  He decided to moved from doing installations to inspecting them.  Warren now trains new inspectors on irrigation systems and troubleshooting.  

Every facility we have worked on has reached their goals.  Sun City Grand, in Surprise Arizona, lowered their average annual water usage from 134 million gallons to 87 million gallons.  We tell you in the beginning how much water we will be able to save you – and in reality we always save you more than what we estimated.  

  1. Map of Landscape
  2. Spreadsheet of Water Usage for last year
  3. Acres of turf
  4. Acres of Trees & Plants
  5. A copy of one month’s water bills

There is NO up front cost.  Until we can determine what your water budget should be, we don’t know how much we can save you.   After we analyze your water usage and create a water budget based upon the criteria used by the Arizona Department of Water Resources, we will contact you and provide you with the data and a proposal for water management services.

Case Study


Resort Community in Surprise AZ.  Their common area water usage averaged 134 million gallons per year and now averages 87 million gallons.


The four golf courses at this resort community averaged a total of 2,900 acre feet of water in 2017 & 2018.  Under our oversight in 2019, the usage dropped to 2,261 acre feet.

Our focus is on building a relationship with our clients

At Aqua Trac, we are dedicated to assisting everyone conserve outdoor water and improve the health of their landscapes

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